Dark Night_DNA

I’m not the type in letting my feelings go… prefer it inside n hidden in my heart.. letting it becomes darker n painful. .remind me to know who I am n what reality is..


I love writing. . It makes me thinking of the world on ,how it goes around and around, How human goes on and on, How life keep cycle again and again ,How I living the breath of air out and in I wish to inspired ppl ..But I known my position I was nothing but a merely graduate high schooler ,An ex spm candidates ..My intellect won’t be enough to compete other ppl who achieve higher level than me Hmmmm… I was Jelous indeed when other ppl got accepted into the uni or college but I know my place.. I was not accepted n for that I can’t complain ,God knows the best… Every thing has it’s own reason n everything will come on its own benefit ,I not sure if ppl understand this So just ignore it kay ..I just typing what it seem to be my concise speaking, God my brain already gotten rusty ..Hmm should hv read the dictionary more often now, Oh how rusty my brain have become….

Broken Trust

The bitterness of a broken trust n heart. Such taste indeed. . A lessons worthy to learn n engraved at the skull like a scar that can never be removed..
almost like a tattoos.


Damn I’m totally totally totally worn out.. this has been a very very very very very very very very very long tiring day… I think ma leg just left me…urgh it feel jelly and squigle n wigle n limbless n … I don’t even know what I saying. .uwaaaaahhhh so sad, urgh my bone just crack..n my body,my poor body is aching. I…I just ……….. blank. ..I think I will go n just stay in ma room being lifeless. So bye..

P/s: I hate money..so freaking troublesome with or without it..urgh the source to all my stress >:[

Long Time Indeed

It’s been a very long time indeed sinve I on Tumblr…how awkward.. yes indeed awkward. . I doing this for a reason. .n that reason seem to be involving my health especially my mind. . Yes.. I heard a saying that writing can help one heart n mind.. so here I am.. trying n writing n typing. .haha so hello to all … my name is ..errr .. as u can c above it’s Rexshin,but u can call me Rex. .. ofc it’s a fake name..haha mind u that I had a insecure feeling lingering in ma self.. a bit troublesome but yes I manage. .well this is certainly a long written post. .I must bored u huh… so well enough for now… good evening n tata…

better off dead

i rather be deaf right now rather to hear them saying those thing to me.. i rather be blind rather to see those hatred eyes looking at me.. i rather be dead than to live like this..what a life,huh?hahaha.. i rather die.. 

hahaha no swearing so..hahaha… seems like i have to keep it them.. hmmm.. i tired with all this..life.. too..tired.. i want to sleep but i cant.. tch! it all so ..mess up.. it’s all too awkward now… very awkward.. i dont want to stay anymore.. it too suffocating.. i feel sick..the air,it’s like killing me from breathing.. urgh…

i dont have a door now.. hahahahaha… 

i hate them..i hate how they treat me.. i hate that they never understand me… i hate how they belittle me…. i hate the facts that they r the ppl i called parent.. cux to me they never act like one.. i hate them